Related Publications

Rise of the machines: Has rapid prototyping evolved faster than the software used to create it?

Design methodology for the application of rapid prototyping in the iterative design of organic forms, and limitations dictated by current computer aided design (CAD) packages.

Creating Biofidelic Phantom Anatomies of the Colorectal Region for Innovations in Colorectal Surgery

Development of a replicated colorectal region for use in laparoscopic instrument innovation.

Assessing Instrument Usage Patterns in Multiple Long Duration Colorectal Surgical Procedures to elicit design needs

Performing a case study on several separate high definition recordings of laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy procedures to assess the actions performed by the surgeon.

Studying Patterns of Laparoscopic Surgery Instrument Use in Long Duration Colorectal Surgical Procedures

A case study was performed on the laparoscopic portion of a Sigmoid colectomy to pilot a method of categorising surgical instrument use during long duration colorectal procedures.

A novel approach to separation of the colon and mesocolon from the retroperitoneum during resection of the colon

Research-led anatomical visualisation, concept design, and testing metrics to aid in innovation in laparoscopic surgery.

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Design for Health

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Our research projects take a design led approach to framing and tackling societal, environmental and consumption issues.

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